fitbitNine months of FitBit ownership and life has definitely changed.  In fact I think it’s heralded one of the biggest changes in behavior in recent years as I have become very aware of my physical activity levels or lack thereof.

Strange things you do when you have a FitBit or other personal fitness device:

  1. Plunge into bushes and other shady spots when out running or hiking to see your screen to find out how many steps you’ve done.
  2. Check your FitBit during social events and meetings, perhaps this is replacing texting as the new distraction?
  3. Rummage around your bra strap to secure said FitBit, or to remove it for items one and two.
  4. Forget to take it off for airport security and end up having to submit to a pat down search.
  5. Walk vigorously round your living room to clock the final steps of the day to get to goal.  I once did a thousand steps this way – it was odd but rewarding.
  6. Checking your overall dashboard online numerous times a day.

But the best thing of all is realizing the hard truth that a day at home shuttling between desk, sofa and kitchen table does not make for an active lifestyle. And that you don’t value steps that you take without the FitBit.

Hardest of all has been conquering the ‘active minutes’ goal (60 minutes in my case) which I have only managed to reach once in the last few months, and that was with my friend Graham who is a very fast walker. On a chilly December afternoon we tramped back and forth between Soho, Piccadilly and Westminster, admiring statues and monuments at high speed.  Much easier has been reaching the ‘floors’ goals as I live at the top of a steep hill so any trip outside will log at least a floor or two. Also I’ve learned that a browse around the shops can clock up a lot of steps just as well as shivering down at the park. In fact I can now say that I am exercising, even while at Westfield.

I’d recommend the FitBit to just about anyone, you can tailor the daily goals to your own needs and it has removed all of the guess work from jogging and fitness sessions at the gym.

Right, I need to pace around my office a bit more I am behind on my daily goals.