KhaledAnd the Mountains Echoed is a fabulous book.  Days after finishing it I am still moved by the interwoven plot lines, and I keep thinking through the ‘what if’s’ of the characters.  Khaled Hosseini is the master of a good yarn, and the king of drawing his characters with fast confident strokes – within a few paragraphs you don’t just get a feel for the personalities, you start caring for them.  He ups the ante with his ability to turn the plot on just a few words; most of the time the story is shaped on the basis of lies served up as affectionate truths, or more sinister half-truths some of which play out over decades, which makes it all the more heart rending for the omniscient reader.By the end of the book we have traveled together to Afghanistan, Paris, Greece and California hopping decades and regimes without getting bogged down for a minute. You leave the book with a satisfying feeling that there are enough good people in the world to ensure that the truth will, eventually, set most of us free.